Dr. Woods is excited to share a project that she has been working on to support children and families impacted by trauma and attachment disruptions. 

The Intergenerational Trauma Program (ITP) is designed to support the family and parents when there are intergenerational patterns of trauma or when a child has experienced trauma & attachment disruptions. It can also be useful for supporting foster parents and social workers in gaining the skills necessary to support these children and to avoid placement breakdowns. 

The sessions are based on current neurobiological research related to trauma and attachment.  It is presented in an easy to understand, practical way.  The program is designed to ultimately support the child who is impacted by intergenerational trauma, including placement in foster care.  In addition, the ITP also addresses the caregivers unresolved trauma while providing the necessary skills to support the child’s emotional and attachment needs.  (Click here for additional information.)

In order to ensure we implement the ITP in the most useful way for our clients and referral sources, Dr. Woods put together a quick survey.  You can access the survey below.  It would be really useful to have your input as we start the process to implement the program.

Thanks in advance!

Barbara Woods, Ph.D., CCC