Coregulation is the key to safety and family resilience.

The presence of a caring other that is able to help support the regulation of our nervous system and emotions is a critical force for children...and adults.  

It is the calming effects of this experience that builds connection one neural pathway at a time.  The more we connect with others, the more we feel safe and open to relationships. 

However...there is also the difficulty with co-DYSregulation too.  If we are in the presence of someone who is dysregulated or defensive, we may end up feeling defensive as well.  This type of interaction can create a cycle of negative reactivity.

When a family experiences a cycle of negative reactivity, they are quickly triggered by each other and have difficulties supporting each other. resilience is challenged.

These challenges include more defensive reactions, arguments, withdrawal and shutdown.  The more these reactions are present...the less resilient the family.

Fortunately, there are so many skills that can support the development of both individual and family resilience.  

The rest of this 30 day series will start building on these skills and taking actionable steps to build the family resilience.


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