Meet Our Therapists

Barbara Woods, Ph.D., CCC, Counselling Therapist

Dr. Woods founded Willow's Bend Counselling Center, Inc. in 2010 to serve the Portage la Prairie and surrounding areas.  She has a passion for supporting children, teens, adults, and families who have been impacted by trauma and attachment disruptions. She is a Certified Canadian Counsellor and has specialized in individual, family therapy, and play therapy for treating trauma, anxiety, depression, and responding to the needs of Indigenous people.  She is skilled in several interventions including Brainspotting, Mindfulness Based Family Play Therapy, Sandtray, and Focusing.  She was the first psychotherapist to provide the Safe and Sound Protocol in Manitoba and has supported close to 100 clients with this intervention. 

Dr, Woods has provided training internationally regarding Resilience Based Psychotherapy, Intergenerational Trauma, Polyvagal Interventions, Children's Sexualized Behavior, and Trauma and Indigenous Children and Adolescents.  She provides consultation internationally and particularly related to the use of the Safe and Sound Protocol. She leads an international community of over 7,500 therapists interested in Resilience Based Psychotherapy. 

(Pronouns:  she/her/hers)

Jen Lomonico, MS-MHC, CCC, Counselling Therapist

Jennifer Lomonico is a caring and empathic counsellor who has been providing services at Willow’s Bend since 2014. Jennifer is a certified Canadian Counsellor with a Master’s of Clinical Mental Health Counselling. She provides a very affirming environment for her clients to explore life’s difficulties and begin their healing journey. Jennifer has spent several years working with a diverse 

population, is trained in a wide variety of current evidence-based interventions and has experience working with children, adolescents, adults and couples within a respectful and culturally sensitive environment.  Jennifer creates a safe and compassionate space to address and work through trauma, loss, anxiety, depression, attachment disruption’s and other major life stressors. Jennifer’s primary therapeutic approach is client centered, where clients are viewed as the experts of their own lives. However, Jennifer is trained and skilled in Mindfulness Integrated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Brainspotting, Safe and Sound Protocol, various sensory based mind and body interventions and is working towards certification as Play Family Therapist. Jennifer uses her skills and experience to tailor each approach to meet the unique needs and experience of every individual she works with.

Mr. Bjorn Woods, Therapy Dog (In Training)

Bjorn is a Bernedoodle that is in training to be a Certified Therapy Dog. He loves to greet clients and tries his hardest to follow his training to be a calm, confident young boy. is hard for him not to get too excited when he sees a familiar client. Being a puppy with so many awesome people to interact with can make it hard to follow directions...but he is doing it! Fortunately, he has until at least November, 2023 to keep working toward his certification!

Miss Grizzlie Woods, Comfort Dog   (In Loving Memory)

Grizzlie was a a silly girl that captured hearts through her work as a Comfort Dog. She supported many people on their healing journey at Willow's Bend.  For some, she was the calming presence that helped them get through difficult sessions. She also taught a lot of children to accept themselves as they are because she is perfectly imperfect with one ear up and one ear down. She unexpectely passed away in July 2022. Thank you for your presence and service, Grizzlie!